Easily Create Stunning Graphics in Seconds with Adobe Post

Today’s blog comes to us from Roland Rios at Fort Sam Houston ISD in San Antonio, Texas. It was initially published in his CyberCafe blog.  Adobe has created several new tools for the classroom. Adobe Slate (storytelling with text and pictures) and Adobe Voice (storytelling with voice and pictures) are wonderful programs that can leverage the Product Focus Design Quality. Adobe Post is another entry into that area.  — The Engagement People.

I recently learned about a slew of Adobe mobile apps and one of my new favorite tools is Adobe Post. It’s an iPhone app (that works just as well on the iPad) that allows you to very easily create beautiful image and text graphics.

You simply choose a photo as a backdrop, then add text. Sound too easy? And, here is the really cool part …. after you select your image, the app analyzes the image and chooses a font color palette for your text. And who knows more about creative design than Adobe? Certainly not me!

If you don’t like the suggested font and color, you can choose a different design or adjust the color palette, but I have found that for the most part, Adobe Post makes great suggestions! After you’re done you can share on social media, save to your camera roll, export to Google Drive, and more.

Here are a few of my own creations using Adobe Post …




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